Learn to enjoy the natural taste of food by reducing your use of salt in cooking and by removing it from the table.

Avoid all salted foods eg. papads, pickles, chutneys, ketchups.

Avoid salted nuts, chewda, sev, namkeens

Avoid chinese foods as it contains ajinomoto (Mono sodium glutamate)

Avoid use of soda bi carb or baking soda in the preparation of meals or snacks eg. dhoklas

Avoid tinned and packed foods eg. salted wafers.

Avoid baked foods eg. cakes, biscuits (baked at bakery eg. khari biscuits, nankhatai etc) as they contain sodium in the form of baking powder. Avoid instant food like noodles, macaroni etc.

Avoid salted butter and processed cheese.

Avoid organ meats such as liver, brain, kidney etc and sea foods such as crab, lobster, prawn, shell fish etc. Smoked and processed meats should be avoided eg. sausages, hen.

Vegetables such as knol-knol (ganth gobi), chaulai sag, field beans (val) and red gram tender (kuchcha arhar) should be avoided.

Fruits such as lichies, kharbuza, dried apricots, dried currants, raisins, dried and raw figs should be avoided.

Try adding new flavours such as lemon,vinegar, ginea etc.




Food intake should be maintained with special consideration to amount, distribution and timing of food.

Sugar and jaggery should be completely avoided.

Substitute coarse grain cereal products like atta, rawa, dalia (lapsi), bajra for refined products like maida, cornflour, etc. 1 medium katori (20 gms raw) rice can be consumed per meal. Cream biscuits, macaroni, noodles are best avoided. Marie biscuits can be taken.

Skim or toned milk should be used. Curd or buttermilk should be prepared from skim milk.

Vegetables like brinjal, cauliflower, papdi, cabbage, dudhi, guar, cucumber, capsicum, bhindi, tindola, parwal, galka, frenchbeans, karela, white radish, methi, palak , can be consumed.

Vegetables which should be avoided include potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, suran, beet root, Arvi and carrots.

Egg should be preferably boiled or poached. Trimmed chicken or fish can be eaten. Red meats and organ meats should be avoided.

Kardi oil eg. Saffola, sunflower or cotton seed should be consumed - 2 teaspoons per day.

Raw salads should be consumed - Foods rich in fiber such as whole cereals eg. Whole wheat flour., whole pulses like whole moong, whole masoor., raw vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes etc. Fresh fruits should be consumed. Dietary fiber leads to a greater satisfaction of eating as well as helps in lowering blood glucose and fat levels.

Fruits such as watermelon, papaya, orange, sweetlime, peach, guava, apple etc can be consumed.

Fruits with high sugar levels are better avoided but can be taken in limited amounts.

Grapes = 10 - 12 nos.

Mango - 1/2 medium size

Banana - 1/2 medium size

Chickoo - 1 medium size

Always prefer whole fruits. Never consume fruit juice

Avoid gravies or curries made out of coconut.

Avoid concentrated milk, sweets, jam, jelly, cake, pastry, ice-cream, papads & pickles.

Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

Avoid deep fried and high fat foods such as chiwda, farsan, samosa, wada, purries etc.

Dried fruits are better avoided because of high calorie content

Maintaining ideal body weight is important. Weight reduction is important for overweight patients.



Do not use any hydrogenated fats eg. ghee, butter, margarine, vanaspathi, coconut oil, palm oil. Instead use kardi oil (eg. saffola) sunflower oil.

Avoid egg yolk and foods containing egg yolk. Egg whites can be used.

All organ meats should be avoided eg. liver, brain, kidney etc. Avoid pork, ham, bacon. avoid sea foods such as shellfish, prawn, lobster, fish roe. Fried and skinned chicken can be consumed. It should be prepared with minimum amount of oil preferably boiled or baked.

Nuts like groundnut, cashewnut, coconut should be avoided.

Avoid whole milk, cream, cheese, sweets etc. Skimmed milk and its products should be used. Milk should be boiled properly and cream layer should be removed ( ie. skimmed milk should be used). Curds, buttermilk, and paneer should be made from this milk.

Sweets like gulab jamun, burfi, pedas, fried foods like farsans, chiwdas, bhajias, samosas should be completely cut down.

Foods baked with fat should be avoided eg. khari biscuits, cakes etc.

Foods can be roasted on a rock so fat can be drained off. Make use of non-stick vessels to reduce fat consumption.