Facilities Available


  • Defibrillator & Monitors

  • Bed Sided  Monitors

  • Ventilator (non invasive dragger vent.,   invasive vent. for continuous mechanical ventilation)

  • Glucometers

  • ECG Machines

  • Stress Test (TMT)

  • ICU fully air-conditioned with central oxygen

  • Portable U.S.G.

  • Portable X-RAY

  • Nebulizer

  • Pulmonary Function Tests

  • Upper GI flexible Endoscopy with Pentax Esophagogastroscope.

  • Pulse oxymeter

  • Oxygen concentrator

  • Outdoor, indoor registered and all discharge papers through custom made computer software. Except for prescriptions, and indoor orders, rest of all records computerized.

  • Full fledged major gastrointestinal surgery OT to cater to major surgical procedures in laparoscopic minimal access gastrointestinal surgeries in hospital premises itself.

  • Another spacious OT for general, ENT and other surgeries and procedures

  • Laboratory collection center of Prime Lab, one of the reputed labs of Baroda,   accredited by ISO 9000.


A Genset is installed to take care of the emergency power needs of the patients at all times. Also an inverter is installed to take care of the ICU and outdoor departments in case of power failure.

2 Aquaguards connected to two water coolers are installed on both floors to provide Pure and cool water to the patients and care givers.


Other miscellaneous facilities


 Hospital is run through customised software where meticulous records of all the Outdoor patients, Indoor Patients are maintained. Billing Department is also computerized giving access to vital information regarding the patients almost immediately. Only prescriptions are manually handed over to patients.

Hospital has two chemists on ground floor for medicines to be purchased. These chemists are in tie up with hospital for medicine supply in case of cashless claims.

Tie up with three ambulance providers in the vicinity to have ambulance services at the earliest in case shifting is required.

Separate office and staff to take care of Life Insurance, pre-policy and pre-employment check-ups so that time of these clients is not wasted.


Medicine Department  

Dr. Akash Singh
MD (Medicine)

Surgery Department

Dr. Ankur Kothari
MS (General Surgery)
FMAS (Laparoscopic Surgery)