List of Panel Doctors

Medicine Department (OPD & Indoor)


Dr. Akash Singh



General Surgery

Dr. Ankur Kothari

MS (General and Laparoscopic Surgery).



Skin and VD Department (OPD & Indoor)

Run by MD ( Skin and VD) who is a full timer with us.



Pathology Department


Dr. Rajesh Chauhan MD (PATHOLOGY)

Prime Lab

24 Hour Operational Lab Collection Centre of the Lab is situated in our Hospital.




ENT Surgeries (Only elective ENT surgeries)

Dr. Rajesh Rane MS (ENT)

Dr. Urmil Nimkar MS (ENT)

Both of them are the leading ENT surgeons of the area.



Paediatric Patients

Dr. Ravindra Pradhan  MD (PAEDIATRICS).

We have Indoor Admissions of Paediatric Patients.


Gynaecological Patients

Elective Gynaecological surgeries are also performed   by the gynaecologists of the area.