Speciality services available




Presently run by a senior and experienced dermatologist who is MD(Skin and VD) offering Outdoor, Indoor and cosmetology services in Dermatological care.




12.30 NOON TO 02:00 NOON

05.30 PM TO 08:00 PM


                          NO MORNING OPD


Indoor patients belonging to the paediatric category are also being looked after on elective basis. Paediatric services are strictly Indor and depend on the availability of our paediatrician. We do NOT treat Neonatal or infant patients.

 Gynaecological, Orthopedic and ENT surgeries are done by the doctors of respective specialities and these surgeries are purely on elective basis.


Lab Collection Centre - This is a major facility provided by Prime Lab. The Lab collection centre functions round the clock so that the reports of indoor and outdoor patients are available on the earliest basis making their management easier and faster. The Lab collection centre offers Haematological, Biochemical, and Histopathological services to offer one of the most comprehensive Lab services being offered by any Hospital.

We also have our resident medical Officer Dr. Jayesh Patel (MBBS) who is with us since the last 5 -6 years. he is vastly experienced in the field of Insurance and also handles night shift of the hospital along with his other junior associates.


We also have back-up of a trained anaesthetist (Intensivist) and other MD (Medicine) Doctors to attend to our patients in case of emergencies so that most of the patients reaching the Hospital in emergency are attended by qualified people.


Radiology Services are available bedside in case of critical patients. Full fledged Radiological clinics function very near the hospital for mobile patients and these investigations are done speedily and conveniently for the patient. 

Ambulance services are also available in the vicinity for speedy transport of the patients in case of emergency transfers to various hospitals in the city as the need arises.